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How to Practice Self-Care During Unpredictable Times

There’s more to being well than just training and consuming healthy foods. Taking a global look at your health— nourishing your mind, body, and soul—is essential for your overall health. We like to call this self-care. Here are a few of our favorite practices for self-care.

Stay Connected

We may be practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with others! Schedule a virtual coffee break or happy hour with your friends or family. Keep topics cheerful and tell each other one good thing that happened to you in the last few days. Brainstorm plans for when you can see each other again and how great it will be to give them a big, warm hug. Together we are more capable and can care for each other. That’s what friends are supposed to do!

Follow a Flexible Routine

Start with a plan for your day but allow for some flexibility. For example, set an alarm for around the same time in the morning and get ready for bed around the same time every evening. Outline your intentions for the day and slate out your work tasks, but set aside some time for your daily workout, a walk outdoors, or to read your favorite book. Don’t be too severe with your schedule that you pile on unnecessary stress. Creating a balance between routine and relaxation will help you have a more productive and satisfying day.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is good for us. The more gratitude we extend to others during troubled times, the more cheerful and stronger we become. Allow others grace. One of our most treasured ways to practice gratitude is to contact a loved one and express to them how much you cherish them. A a written note is also a welcome and unexpected surprise that is certain to make anyone’s day.

Get Outside

There is nothing better than spending time outside, basking in the fresh air. Take a stroll with your pet or family every day after lunch. Call hello to your neighbors (from a physical distance) and find out how they’re feeling. Stay in the sunshine for a while and try taking slow breaths—you will feel so much better!

Find Joy

Just because we can’t go out for a meal at our local favorites doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate our meals! Make a new method for dinner and make your meals count. Queue up your favorite music, get the kids involved, and have a good time with it!

A Self-Care Staycation

Your mindset affects your daily life and determines your actions. And during these unprecedented times, it’s even more critical to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s take this opportunity to implement healthy routines and emerge from this quarantine healthier and happier!

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